About us

Our story

TransCape NPO was registered on 4 August 2004 with South Africa’s Department of Social Development. Registration number 035-619 NPO. TransCape is further registered as a Public Beneficiary Organzation with the South African Revenue Service. Tax exempt number RG/0059/01/06 and PBO file No 930 018 201.

The organization was the initiative of Mdumbi Backpackers’ workforce and friends. Together with the medical staff at Canzibe hospital they established an NPO to help the communities of the Nyandeni sub-district to tackle their significant health, social, educational and economic needs. TransCape was established in order to assist with the following:

  • Support the hospital to improve its service delivery
  • Assist people to become active in their communities by participating in HIV/AIDS and health projects
  • To take ownership of their resources and gain a sustainable income through tourism and micro-finance projects

In 2006, TransCape established an education centre in the Mankosi community to support the local education system and to develop the knowledge and skills of young people to the appropriate national level. Under the microfinance project which was started in 2008, TransCape has offered loans and support to individuals who want to start their own business.

Our Vision

We are a connected community comprising of holistic, healthy and empowered individuals in an optimally developed and fairly managed, sustainable environment.

Our Mission

To be an optimally informed, monitored, open and accessible hub with relevant examples, tools and networks for making positive choices about how to live.

Our Approach

We believe people need to discover for themselves the best way to address the challenges they face. But that doesn’t mean that the people who have already worked through many of these challenges cannot assist. Such assistance should take the form of listening first, providing access to knowledge, examples and resources, and identifying and assisting those who want change. In certain instances where those faced with the challenge have no voice or have no consciousness of the threat (for example children, HIV/AIDS, exploitation by the powerful) more drastic measures to influence change can be taken with an approach based strongly in contemporary human rights.

Our Strenghts

We believe we can make a difference for our community and our donors as a reliable and sustainable partner based on the following

  • Close relationship and interconnection with local community
  • 16 years of success stories: for details please check the individual projects
  • Key staff members possess intimate knowledge of the South African and regional circumstances and culture. You can meet our staff here.
  • Ratio of administrative effort in comparison to funds spent on charity projects below 10% as testified by Concilio registered chartered accountants
  • Accredited charity to host youth as volunteers as part of the German government funded “Weltwaertsprogramm” (translating to ‘into the world’)
  • Cooperation with international charities offering opportunity to donate with tax refund. See our partners here
  • Cooperation with University of Jerusalem (Department of Nonprofit Management & Leadership) and University of Toronto (Department of Social Work)
  • Charity mission is based on handing over all activities to locals thereby achieving long term sustainability

Meet the staff

TransCape is a team of twenty people, made up of 9 staff, 7 advisory board members and 4 volunteers. You can meet our staff here.