The Livelihoods project is a project started by TransCape to create self-sufficient sustainable livelihoods and homesteads for families living in Mankosi community in the Ngqeleni district in rural Eastern Cape. Traditionally a family would obtain a 50m x 50m piece of land to build their house on, grow vegetables, maize and kraal their animals.

This project strives to motivate the further implementation of affordable rainwater harvesting, solar water heating, solar power systems, solar cooking, wood saving cooking, composting toilets, fertiliser production, irrigation and sustainable food production at these homesteads, sustainably providing in all basic human needs.

Firstly it entails the creation of model eco centres that will be used to experiment with and test permaculture, earth building and renewable technologies as homestead solutions. This centre is called the Mdumbi Eco Centre. Secondly it will provide a venue for sustainable livelihoods and environmental education. Thirdly these solutions will be rolled out to surrounding homesteads by locally based cooperatives.